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At this point, ownership held by weak investor’s has been purged, producing a type of heat death capitulation. This is literally the EXACT same script as Everget’s Supertrend, but not drawn on the chart and with the fill/stop and… Whenever it finds an opportunity it will simply enter the trade. There is no need to review trades as the EA considers a lot of signals and data analysis from indicators. And leverage does not matter and the lot size depends on a % of your balance (normally 2% which you can change if needed). The two accounts can be either 02 real accounts or 01 demo & 01 real account.

  • I was trading before he began releasing content, and profitable .
  • Put together a three dimensional picture of the overall market.
  • We have different brains, experiences, emotions, logic, etc.
  • As a result, it helps to register long trends.
  • This is a version of Stephen J. Klinger’s, Klinger Oscillator .

In addition, NNFX recommends using EURO VIX Index; if this index is less than 8 or 7, then it means that there is no enough volume in the market. However, use of this index is completely optional. No Nonsense Forex is a technique or method for forex trading which is established by an American trader whose known as VP.

Reviews For No Nonsense Forex Summary & Potential Indicators

Put together a three dimensional picture of the overall market. I also swear the moment you find your holy grail, you wouldn’t give any of your secrets away. The amount of legwork and grinding you do will be rewarded and you will advice people to do the same. To this no nonsense forex day, I’m still just as passionate as ever trying to tweak and research new indicators to fit into my algorithm. If you know how banks and government moves the currency market, things like support/resistance, formations, candlestick patterns becomes irrelevant.

An uptrend with increasing volume is a market characterized by greed supported by the fuel needed to grow. An uptrend without volume is complacent and reveals greed deprived of the fuel needed to sustain itself. Investors without the influx of other investors will eventually lose interest and the uptrend should eventually breakdown. For the NNFX traders, I reckon this will make a nice secondary confirmation indicator, C2. An overlay version of pertinent signals from my version of LazyBear’s Wavetrend Oscillator. Shows momentum of long period WTO as either background colors or symbols. Shows continuation and reversal trade signals.

no nonsense forex

Outcome, it’s behaving like a baseline filter and it can be use as an exit or a trailing stop indicator. As comparing to Kijun-sen line in yellow, the QQE trailing line follows the price closer, therefore exiting you sooner when the… Time Segmented Volume was developed by Worden Brothers, Inc to be a leading indicator by comparing various time segments of both price and volume. Essentialy it is designed to measure the amount of money flowing in and out of an instrument. Time Segmented Volume was originally ported to TradingView by user @liw0 and later corrected by user @vitelot. You can use any indicator which does not fall into the “dirty dozen” indicators explained above.

A Practical Approach To Forex

Forex is a way of trying to earn a profit by investing in currency exchanges on the money market. I’d say my trading has become better as a direct result of listening to his content and deriving my own value from it. I do not trade his method, but many of his principals apply to many styles.

no nonsense forex

Designed Around the NNFX rules Selectible Baseine Selectible Exit Indicators ATR bands, ATR labels for TP and TSL (1x and 1.5x ATR). Indication where candle is over 1x ATR in size. Combined QQE Fast & Slow (C1 & C2) confirmations, forex Candles Grey before Trend Confirmed, change to Normal Colour when Trend established (QQE MOD used for… + %B is, at its simplest, the classic Bollinger Bands %B indicator with a few added bells and whistles.

You need to test your indicators and select the best ones with best settings by back testing. Volume indicator- this indicator shows how many money movements or shifts occur in that particular currency pair within a set amount of time. This time set can be determined manually or automatically depending on the platform, software, and overall algorithm being used. We’ve been running a mechanical trend capture system for the past 11 years, and it purely involves 2 moving average crossovers. We typically run it on basically every asset class you can think of.

No Nonsense Trader

After this period, review your trendlines and see if it fares well enough to add in additional trades and currency pairs. From what I’ve seen, it seems that more than 90% of the followers don’t make money, too. That’s a personal estimation, but it really looks like it. And those who say are profitable, a lot say we’re already profitable using other methods. I’ve tried different combinations of indis following his rules, buid an EA around it to make the backtesting and permutations faster. Even taking the popular indicators talked about in the Discord.

The holy grail is you putting in hard work and finding the algorithm that suits you. People are pissy that he’s not giving his exact algorithm away. But even if he gives you every single indicators and settings, you probably can’t make sense of it anyways or why each indicator is doing what it’s doing.

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But if youre looking for a simple trading strategy that has a low barrier to entry then I strongly recommend it. My advice would be, if you’re interested in this type of approach and trading style, to try it out for yourself. At least you have nothing to lose apart from time, it’s not like you’re getting yourself into a highly priced course. I believe it’s possible to be profitable using this system, but you have to put out work for yourself. And maybe a bit of luck to finally stumble on something that works. Most of the discord members are helpful, they can guide you through the different steps. Especially if you scroll back through the posts and have a feel of what is going on, it can accelerate the process.

I don’t use crazy indicators nobody has ever heard of or anything. Obviously, I’m not oblivious to the fact that markets will definitely change and my system may hit the forex trading shitter completely. But, the backtesting has found it to be effective. The creator rightly acknowledges that it is a somewhat controversial approach to forex trading.

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